What are the root of disability activism in Australia?

This site introduces you to Richard Llewellyn AM, a man who struggled to come out with his disability identity although 95% paralysed from polio. When he did, he began a quest to move ‘handicapped’ people from the clutches of charity organisations and out into the community. There were no services, no access, and no people with disabilities in public. Richard broke that and with others worked to break down barriers.

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Find speeches and articles written by Richard over a fertile 15-year period when he was active on national and State stages.

Listen to Richard telling his story of how he began to foment change in attitudes and introduce higher expectations of how people with disabilities could live.

Read about Richard’s life in the eulogy delivered at his funeral in 2004.

Apply to the Richard Llewellyn Deaf and Disability grants hosted by ArtsSA in honour of Richard’s contribution to the arts and disability in South Australia. (put link)

Discover two books written by family members that give you further insights into his journey of living with severe disability – Diving into Glass written by his daughter, Caro Llewellyn and ‘Handicapped’ written by his wife Becky Llewellyn

Reflect on the early activists and what they contributed to your life – take some time at the Bert Flugelman sculpture ‘Tribute,’ overlooking Adelaide Oval and Karrawirri Pari/River Torrens in the gardens between the Festival Centre and Playhouse.